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You stumbled on the Oddpb fan site, we are not associated with oddpb in any way.  Think of us as preservationists.  We wanted to create a place to hold information about oddpb.  All media is owned by their respective copyright holders.

First off…. ODDPB IS STILL DEAD.  RIP.  We have no idea where they are or what they are doing.

The idea on the fan site was to create a dynamic way to discuss Oddpb.  This website will be hosted on so we can keep it up and running as long as wordpress is around. That way we can make sure no one has to foot the bills for hosting and such.

If you have ever searched for a topic that was 6+ years old you probably would hit a dead end
pretty fast.  As vast as the internet is, websites get swallowed whole and disappear with a lot of information lost everyday.

We decided to use the wayback machine and recreate oddpb site as much as possible.  The articles you see, the names, the serials, have all been taken from the original site.  Take a look around and enjoy it, feel free to add comments and post pictures.

  Click on photoshop logo to look at a few of oddpb old photoshop designs.  It’s pretty cool to see how it all started.

What were the original prices for work?  Click the $ sign to find out.  Aurora prices? Check out our aurora articles...


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  1. j

    Loved ODD. I am proud to say that I still own ODD #32. The custom milling work was mine. They just took it to a level I could have only dreamed while I was just an apprentice machinist messing around on my breaks.

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