Cutstep Aurora Testing

Aurora by ODD!

That’s right, ODD is now offering the rare and beautiful finish known as Aurora! The four guns pictured on this page were done to test, perfect, and showcase the process in preparation for our limited customer run.

It’s Safe!

Through much research, we are able to bring authentic Aurora without the previous failure rate and internal tolerance issues. This is the same plating seen on previous Aurora markers, but we’ve actually improved upon it to allow a 100% success rate along with better durability and wear characteristics.

It’s available to all!

A recent breakthrough in processing has allowed us to open up a few more spots to the general public, including some lower priced, smaller-parts-count packages. While this will still be an extremely limited number of guns, this advance allows us to pass the savings on to the customer by opening the run up to 10-15 total markers!

Aurora Package #1

Body, Frame, and Barrel Tip:


Aurora Package #2

Body, Frame, Barrel Tip, and TWO Small parts (i.e. ASA, Trigger, feedneck collar, reg piece, etc):


Aurora Package #3

Body Frame Barrel, and 6 Small parts


Aurora Package #4

Body, Frame, Barrel, and 12 Small parts


Aurora Package #5

Ultimate Aurora:

Body, Frame, Barrel, and up to 30 additional pieces(full barrel kit, etc.). This package also includes custom dual engraved grips, an engraved hardwood wall-hanger, and black engraved ODD numbering 1-5.


Additional Parts:

Additional parts can be anodized the solid color of your choice for $9.50 per dust part or $18 per gloss part.

Dust Markers

Dust finish markers seeking packages 1-4 are subject to an additional $35-105 polishing fee. Contact us via the email address at the top of the page for details.


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